Timeless Collectibles

Coke bottles

Like many Penn Staters, I’m spending a lot more time at home lately. I’m fortunate to be able to work remotely, though there’s also been plenty of cooking, baking, and organizing around the house.

Which leads us to this past weekend.

I was helping my parents with some spring cleaning, when I uncovered three collectible Coca-Cola bottles from the 1980s, commemorating the team’s national championship in 1982.

I remember seeing them in my childhood home, and then understandably, I forgot about them. I always thought they were cool, in a sentimental type of way before so many aspects of sports became commercialized.

My parents thought the bottles were worth bringing to their State College home about 20 years ago, and I’m glad they did. We found them in a side closet in the walk-in pantry, behind cans of paint, various cleaning supplies, clothes, and even an old pair of shoes.

But the bottles were there, still unsealed and looking just as cool as ever.

I snapped a photo of the keepsakes on the kitchen counter and posted it to our Twitter account, asking if anyone else still had these bottles in their collection (similar bottles were also produced in 1986). I figured there’d be a handful of replies, maybe even a few dozen.

Instead, we received nearly 100 responses, and the post generated about 8,000 engagements.

Pretty good for a couple of old Coke bottles.

Many of the responses were detailed, with alumni and fans sharing photos of how and where their championship bottles are displayed in their homes. Just the latest example of Penn State fans displaying their passion.

So, that got us thinking: What other cherished items do Penn State fans have in their memorabilia collections?

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter and reply to our posts at the top of the page. We’re looking forward to seeing your responses, and maybe we’ll even see something new.

Of course, the classics are always good. And timeless.

5 thoughts on “Timeless Collectibles

  1. I have the same bottle! It proudly sits on my desk at work!

  2. We have both the 1982 and the 1986 bottles. On display in our bar area.

  3. My son has the steins, decanters, coke bottles, stand up Joe, weekly fan buttons, and a PSU scrap book of games, ticket stubs, etc.My daughter has a signed JoePa football and a baby quilt with paw prints from a great 1978 season. I have my photos with Joe at fundraisers and his induction at the hall of fame and a couple pics of me and Franco at events. I have a Canadian mountain lion rug and enough memories in my head to keep me a PA girl living in northern WI.

  4. Just refinished basement. 82 & 86 Coke bottles proudly on display. Tidbit on the Coke content; the 1982 bottle has the “original” coke before the New Coke failure. The 86 bottle has the reinstated “original” coke.

  5. I have the 1982 bottle proudly displayed in my kitchen! I’m a proud 1962 graduate, same year as John Black!!!

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