Penn State’s Most Memorable Teams

Chances are good Daryll Clark and the 2008 Penn State squad will find a place on our list of Penn State’s most memorable teams. The team won the program’s third Big Ten title and finished the season in the Rose Bowl, narrowly missing a chance to play for the national championship after a late-season loss at Iowa. Photo credit: Steve Manuel.

Kickoff for Penn State’s opening game against Indiana is still weeks away, though chances are this season will remain memorable for many reasons, most of which being the bizarre circumstances that the Nittany Lions will play under.

That’s one way to elevate to “memorable” status,” though there are many others. Success certainly is a good option, with wins being just one way to define that word. The 2012 team that finished 8-4 instantly jumps to mind for obvious reasons.

Starting next month, we’ll rank Penn State’s most memorable teams over the years, and we’ll include insights from the letters that Ridge Riley ’32 and John Black ’62 authored as the Nittany Lions rose to national prominence over the second part of the 20th century. As much time as we’ve spent browsing them, there are still many lessons and stories that are worth uncovering for new generations of fans.

We’ll also speak with some of the lettermen who can share insights about what stood out about those teams: talent, chemistry, off-the-field stories that created bonds.

Fans know all about Penn State’s storied tradition, so there are plenty of teams to choose from. Have a suggestion for who should make the list? Drop us a line in the comments or tag us on Twitter at @PSUFBLetter.


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