Saving The Roar: World Television Premiere

The 2012 team, pictured on Senior Day prior to beating Wisconsin, had its story detailed in Saving The Roar. The film’s world television premiere is set for January, with cornerback Steph Morris (No. 12, second from left, middle row), sharing the news during his appearance on Football Letter Live. Photo credit: Steve Manuel

The timing worked out nicely.

We’re not in the habit of breaking news at The Football Letter. It’s never been part of our approach, and the phrase itself has been overused by seemingly everybody and every organization to place extra emphasis on common knowledge.

However, in this case, the framing fits.

We were thrilled to welcome letterman cornerback Steph Morris to Football Letter Live last month, and while we were talking in the studio before starting the broadcast, Morris shared an exciting and well-deserved update regarding Saving The Roar, a documentary that details the triumph of the 2012 team. You can learn more about the film, which had its world theatrical premiere last year, on its site.

The film’s director and producer, Michael Nash, sent Morris a message about 90 minutes before the show, sharing the news that Warner Bros. Discovery purchased Saving The Roar, and the film will have its world television premiere on Jan. 28, 2023. Additional details are TBD, and we’ll share them when they’re available.

You can watch Morris’ entire appearance on the show on our Facebook page — his Q&A starts around the 28:00 minute mark and he talks extensively about the 2012 senior class and the film. You can also see a select portion of his interview in the embedded video below. The standout cornerback talked about the importance of honoring his commitment, a common theme among that senior class.

We’ve also included a video below of some players from the 2012 team being recognized during the White Out last month. Penn State blew past Minnesota 45-17, with the players addressing the crowd between the first and second quarters.

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