Legends of ’94: The Interviews

Over six months earlier this year, we spoke to 29 men who played vital roles in Penn State’s run to a perfect 1994 season. Thanks to all of them for sharing their time and stories, and special thanks to Wally Richardson ’96 Lib, ’03 MEd Edu director of the Football Letterman’s Club, for his help in tracking down so many of his former teammates.  —RJ

The Players

Mike Archie ’96 H&HD, tailback

Todd Atkins ’96 H&HD, defensive end

Kyle Brady ’95 H&HD, tight end

Ki-Jana Carter ’95 Bus, tailback

Kerry Collins ’94 Lib quarterback

Keith Conlin ’95 Lib, ’08 MEd, offensive tackle

Brett Conway ’00 H&HD, kicker

Bobby Engram ’95 H&HD, wide receiver

Marlon Forbes ’94 Lib, cornerback

Paul “Bucky” Greeley, ’94 H&HD, center

Jeff Hartings ’95 Bus, offensive guard

Kim Herring ’97 H&HD, safety

Terry Killens ’04 Com, linebacker

Chris Mazyck ’94 Lib, defensive tackle

Brian Milne ’96 Lib, fullback

Brandon Noble ’98 Lib, defensive tackle

Chuck Penzenik ’97 H&HD, safety

Tony Pittman ’95 Eng, ’02 MBA, cornerback

Stephen Pitts ’96 Com, tailback

Marco Rivera ’95 Lib, offensive guard

Brad Scioli ’98 H&HD, defensive end

Freddie Scott ’96 Lib, wide receiver

Vincent Stewart ’94 Lib, defensive tackle


The Coaches

Tom Bradley ’78 Bus, linebackers

Craig Cirbus, offensive line

Fran Ganter ’71 H&HD, ’73 MEd Edu, offensive coordinator

Kenny Jackson ’96 Bus, wide receivers


The Managers

Brad “Spider” Caldwell ’86 H&HD, equipment manager

Kirk Diehl ’96 Com, ’05 MEd Edu, student manager


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