A Family Affair

Nick Scott

We don’t usually cover recruiting here at the Blog, but this seems like an appropriate time to make an exception. We got an email Tuesday from Matt Hoffert ’01, a health and phys ed teacher and assistant football coach at Fairfax (Va.) High School—that’s Matt standing, above on the left. The photo was taken last week on National Signing Day; the smiling young man in the ball cap and tie is Nick Scott, a versatile athlete and member of James Franklin’s first Penn State recruiting class. He’s flanked by his parents, Irvin and Kisha.

And behind the Scotts? Those are the five Penn State alumni working at Fairfax: Hoffert, math teacher Amy Conboy Hastings ’91, ’93g, counselor Jill Wilson ’05, school social worker Cheryl Lewis Hunsberger ’77, and CTE instructor Judy Tovey McCullen ’79. Before they arrive on campus, most future Lions probably don’t appreciate the size—and loyalty—of the family they’re about to join. In Nick’s case, he already knows that Penn Staters have his back.

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